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Steel manufacture


Integral offer

Estudener offers integral solutions for the manufacture of sub-assemblies or manufactured parts that require different manufacturing processes
machining, cutting, welding, painting...
Manufacturing is oriented to medium or long series, the manufacture of prototypes or loose parts is not the company's objective.
The service is offered for all sectors that need steel manufacturing: agricultural, rail, automotive, energy...
All manufacturing is done under the strictest standards, ISO, CE, EN 1090..., with a quality control system that monitors the entire procedure, from its inception to the delivery of material.
Estudener is specialized in welding structures, has several welding equipment with wire (semi-automatic), for steel and stainless steel, with different welding technologies.



Welding robot is also available, for high rotation parts, or for round welding with large thicknesses.


In the Estudener facilities, there is a wide area equipped with light cranes, welding turntables, positioners, and everything necessary to perform the welding efficiently.


Estudener offers precise machining and turning for all types of mechanical components, in medium or large series, for all types of metals: cast steel, rolled steel, stainless steel, cast aluminium, laminated aluminium, bronze, brass, etc.
Estudener offers within its group of companies all types of numerical control machinery to supply a solution for every need:
- CNC machining centers with several X, Y and Z lengths
- CNC horizontal lathes with several dimensions
- CNC vertical lathes with several dimensions
- CNC milling machine
- CNC band saw
- Automatic drilling machine of various diameters - Mitre saw, thread forming machine, band sander, deburring tool, bevelling tool
Estudener offers laser cutting, oxyfuel and high-definition plasma cutting services.



The laser cutting service is offered both for tube (laser tube) and sheet metal, with a wide range of thicknesses and for different types of metal.

Cutting by oxyfuel

Cutting by oxyfuel or high definition plasma is offered for flat cutting, when the laser is not able to reach certain thicknesses or is excessively expensive.

External service and perfect complement

Like machining, the cutting service is used to complement other jobs and offer the customer a finished product, but it is also offered as an external service to customers.

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